Bullet Cameras


Bullet Cameras are the second most used cameras in today security world. They normally contain these aspects

  • In simple terms bullet cameras look like a bullet. (Many images of them below)
  • The bullet camera can be wall mounted, pole mounted or ceiling mounted. In essence they can be mounted to anything.
  • The bullet camera can be fixed lens or varifocal. Fixed lens are normal cheaper.
  • A bullet cameras are not very vandal resistant. They can be placed in high locations to reduce risk. They can come in a lightweight plastic form.
  • A bullet camera normally provides a colour image. There are also thermal bullet cameras available.
  • Most bullet cameras these days come with infra red light built in which provide night vision. These only come on when the camera detect low light levels such as night time. (Please bare in mind the image turns black and white with infa red night vision)
  • Enhanced housings are available for bullet cameras which can provide increased strength from vandals. Water/Rain resistance. Or for use in specialist environments such as highly toxic environments.
  • Bullets can come in many different colours. But normally they are silver white or black. They can also be spray painted if done properly. (this may void the warranty in some situations)
  • Bullet cameras are supported in IP, AHD, Analogue & HD.
  • Bullet cameras can run on coaxial or Cat5 (networking) cables depending on the camera purchased.
  • Bullet cameras can run on IP networks and the power and video signal can be sent through one cat5 cable therefore reducing the cabling cost. (normal coaxial installations require a separate cable for power).
  • The bullet cameras are rain resistant and normally have a shield on top of the bullet which stop water from covering the view of the camera. For this reason they offer superior protection to rainwater when fitted outside
  • Bullets are normally used in situations where increased infra red range is required. Additional local power may be required if it’s a IP camera on POE.