Covert Cameras

Covert cameras are required in specialist applications where the client does not want anyone to know there is a camera present. They normally contain these aspects:

  • In simple terms the covert cameras can look like anything. A camera circuit board can be fitted anywhere into most objects and concealed. A small pin is required in the object the camera is fitted in.
  • The covert camera can be mounted into any object which is water resistant and dry.
  • The covert camera is normally fixed lens with a wide viewing angle to capture as much as possible.
  • Covert cameras can be purchased looking like many normal household items. Such as a alarm PIR, Smoke Alarm, or matchbox.
  • The covert cameras are normally not vandal resistant.
  • The covert camera normally provides a colour image. There are also thermal cameras available.
  • Most dome cameras are low light and do not come with infa red as standard. Our covert PIR alarm however does have this built in.
  • Dome cameras are supported in IP, AHD, Analogue & HD. They are mainly available as analogue cameras at the moment.
  • Covert cameras can run on coaxial or Cat5 (networking) cables depending on the camera purchased.
  • covert cameras can run on IP networks and the power and video signal can be sent through one cat5 cable therefore reducing the cabling cost. (normal coaxial installations require a separate cable for power)