CCTV Installation



Pure Vision CCTV has been offering CCTV installation services for many years. We have carried out CCTV installations for large commercial companies and have also dealt with small homes and businesses. Please have a look at our portfolio for a selection of customers we have worked with.

We have been installing standard analogue CCTV cameras for many years.We are also trained to use the latest digital CCTV technology. Digital CCTV which is often referred to as IP CCTV can offer 12x the image quality of analogue cameras! With this kind of quality you wont miss a thing!Combining our experience of environments and the latest technology we have been able to offer cutting edge security systems for any scenario!

Carrying out CCTV installation by properly trained and knowledgeable staff can deter crime from happening. With the right advice and knowledge we can help capture and identify vehicles and people involved in crimes.

When deciding on what CCTV equipment to use for installation, consideration should be made to:

  • Are the CCTV cameras looking at recognition of faces or monitoring of an area?
  • Is the CCTV footage required for evidential purposes?
  • What size area should the CCTV cameras cover?
  • Are there any special light conditions that could affect the CCTV cameras?
  • What are the CCTV systems budgetary constraints?
  • Who will be using the CCTV equipment?
  • Is the area covered by CCTV public?
  • How can the CCTV Camera cabling be kept minimal?

All these questions can be daunting and confusing so our staff can help work with you and answer these. The first step is a site survey. We can then provide a installation service which is second to none!

We strive for customer satisfaction!This is how our company has grown over time. Referrals and word of mouth have been a big factor. This explains how we have built the company up to what it is today.