Is your CCTV system not working correctly? Many businesses are affected when they’re CCTV goes offline because it not maintained properly. Thefts are more likely to take place when criminals know there is no security present or the CCTV is not working correctly because a lack of maintenance.

Have you have CCTV installed, but cant reach the CCTV installation company any more. Many businesses and homes are now targets of ‘cowboy’ CCTV installers. Providing CCTV installation with a promise of regular CCTV service, and disappearing after payment.

Many of our customers have come to us in a similar situation. We are happy to provide a yearly CCTV maintenance service at a nominal price to check the CCTV equipment, and carry out necessary updates or repairs on the CCTV. Service agreements depend on size and setup. A free consultation can help us provide this figure to you.

Do you need an emergency call out due to an essential camera going offline. We offer call outs at a discounted price. The only extra you pay is for parts. Check out the great CCTV maintenance service we offer below:

What we include in our CCTV Maintenance Packages

  • 40% off normal charges.
  • A visual inspection of all major and minor CCTV parts – This is to provide a good idea of any faults which may occur, or have occurred.
  • Cleaning of important parts of the system such as camera lenses, or housing. – To ensure a quality video image is always recorded.
  • Re-Focus Lenses – This ensures a clear view, and coverage angle.
  • Repair of faults which have occurred.
  • Tutorial on using the CCTV system – Ideal with regularly changing staff members.
  • A copy of findings and repairs prepared and sent to the client
  • Advice given on any alterations or improvements