CCTV On Mobile Phone

(Image free cctv set up on mobile/tablet)

Do you wish you could watch Live CCTV on your mobile phone or tablet device on the move? We have the solution. You may need live viewing in the following situations:

  • Your alarm has gone off and you need to check what is happening at your home and business live on CCTV.
  • You would like to watch your staff members live at work.
  • You would like to check up on your children at home with a nanny or carer.
  • You would like to check on an elderly member of the family who is being cared for by a carer.
  • You would like to check up on a Disabled member of the family who is being cared for.

Nearly everyone owns a mobile phone, an tablet or a computer. Using your mobile phone we are able to show live images of your CCTV at any time or any location where you have a data connection. CCTV from our recorders can be shown on the following devices and operating systems

  • Iphone Mobile Phones
  • Ipad Tablet
  • Android Mobile Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • PC – Windows
  • MAC (Supported On Most Recorders But Not All)

Please bare in mind the following. Your image and the fluidity of the image is based upon the following factors.

  • Primarily the upload speed of your internet is the most important factor. The higher the speed the more fluid the image.
  • The speed of the mobile connection is important. 3G is sufficient and 4G is recommended.
  • Using a wifi connection may be better but it depends on the speed of the WIFI connection.

We use the latest h265 compression technology so we are able to offer a superior image which uses half the data.

With all of our installation free setup of unlimited devices is included. This could be any of the devices or operating systems listed above.

We can set up remote cctv mobile viewing on any recorder which supports networking. Please provide us your details below and we will call you back within 2 working hours.