HD CCTV Installation

Full HD Comparision

Welcome to the future of CCTV Technology. (Image of HD quality). Offering unparalleled CCTV quality which can offer superior recognition abilities even at long range distances. One camera can now be used to cover an area which was previously covered by 18 cameras!

Analogue cameras have been used for over 20 years but have always been limited in the quality of the video they can record. Zooming into existing recorded CCTV images was a problem as the cameras resolution was limited at 540 TVL (414,720 Pixels). CCTV Quality levels have remained constant since the 80’s and as HD TV’s came out a jump in quality was inevitable.

Imagine SKY HD quality levels on CCTV. We offer HD (High Definition) CCTV which offers a unparalleled level of image quality. This is the only the beginning. Sky HD shows only 720P. Most of our customers are now benefiting from 1080p HD quality CCTV Installation which is 1.5x greater in definition than Sky HD.

By using the latest developments in digital imaging  we can raise the video to megapixel levels providing up to 10 Mega Pixel(9,980,928 Pixels) for a CCTV Camera. (Better quality cameras are bring produced all the time)

A single IP camera can replace 12 analogue cameras with its high quality image, this is because IP CCTV cameras can be up to 12x the quality providing amazing footage to use in court. Potentially this means you can zoom up to 12x into the image without loosing quality.

HD CCTV Installations are mainly used in places where the need for face recognition is imperative! Transport For London have installed HD CCTV cameras in all underground-nd tube stations to help fight crime and keep a second eye out for terrorist related activities.

You may ask ‘Why should i use HD CCTV’. Analogue CCTV systems can vary in quality and usually produce very slow moving and unclear images. In many cases CCTV camera footage is not clear enough to ensure convictions. By going for a megapixel you are guaranteeing the equipment will be 100% effective to deliver high quality and real time moving playback.

Pure Vision CCTV Ltd was one of the first companies to start adopting this new technology. We are now able to offer this as at the same price as normal analogue CCTV.

HD CCTV Installation offers these benefits

  • Ever increasing quality levels. Currently cameras can be up to 10 Megapixel. Our standard is currently 4 Megapixels.
  • One camera can replace up to 18.
  • This can be run on existing coaxial cabling.
  • This can also be run on cat5 networking cabling (Much easier to run)
  • Recording on both PC & NVR (Network Video Recorders
  • Now the same price as analogue cameras.

We recommend HD CCTV camera systems for all our clients.

To provide you a clear insight to the difference between the differint levels of HD CCTV quality please look through our gallery at the massive range in different quality levels offered from the old analogue to the new HD.